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How to choose your appliance?

One important thing to know is that there are different types of appliances available depending on your stoma and your preferences.

Once you know how to handle your appliance properly, you will be given the opportunity to choose the type of pouch you will use daily.

1-piece or 2-piece system

One decision you need to make is choosing between a one-piece and a two-piece system.

1-piece system: in this case the skin protector and the pouch are bounded together. People using this type of system change their appliance every day.

2-piece system: in this case the base plate and the pouch are separate, before being attached together with a coupling system. With such a system the base plate is kept on the skin for a few days while the pouch is changed when needed.

Transparent or beige pouches

You will have to choose between using a beige or a transparent pouch.

A transparent pouch allows you to see your stoma more easily, the beige one is for more discretion.

Most people prefer using a transparent pouch at the hospital before switching to a beige one once home.

Pouches with split cover

If you wish to have both, discretion and the possibility of seeing your stoma when needed, some pouches also exist with a split cover.

Pre-cut or cut-to-fit skin protector/base plate

Regardless of the type of pouch, you will have to see if you prefer using a pre-cut pouch or a cut-to-fit one, where you can cut the skin protector/base plate fitting it to the shape and size of your stoma

  • Cut-to-fit skin protector/base plate: cut the skin protector/base plate to adapt it to your stoma
  • Pre-cut skin protector/base plate: ready to apply!
Convex or flat skin protector/base plate
Depending on your stoma, your choice will be a flat skin protector/base plate or a convex one. Convex skin protectors are recommended for patients with flush or retracted stomas to avoid leakages. The convex skin protectors/base plates ensure an optimum pressure distribution. (product availability may vary from one country to another)

Once you have decided on which system you prefer, you will have different product ranges between which you can choose the best one that fits your needs.
Regardless of the range, as an ileostomate you will most likely use a drainable pouch.

One-piece system

Flexima® / Softima® and Flexima®/ Softima® Active product ranges

Two-piece system

Flexima® / Softima® 3S and Flexima® / Softima® Key product ranges